What We
Do Best

Anti-Theft Protection Capacity

Simply turn any cutting or unlocking attempts to your head-open U-lock into helpless deeds via hardened and high-performance Zinc Alloy Shackle Stainless Steel.

Impact-Resistant Cylinder

The Waterproof and Unbreakable Cylinder is powerfully reinforced by rotating dust cover and corrosion-free steel of the crossbar to resist almost every external impacts.

The Best-Life-Expectancy U-lock ever!

Strengthened by the electrostatic coating on the "U" and the Transit Handheld Frame Bracket, the Lock is extremely durable and 99,99% protected from any scratches.

Compact Size for Effortlessly Carrying and Applying to your Bike

Compact size for easy transport and space-saving characteristic for easy storage in a backpack or a bag when not being in use are two brilliant features telling our U-lock apart from the rest ones.

Two "I" Stainless Keys, plus two Little useful Flashlight with Rechargeable Battery

​Ever squirming when using other Lock Keys when darkness hits everywhere around? Our these two keys with an added bonus of two little rechargeable flashlight can totally figure out your issue.

A Perfect "Safegarder" to your Bike's Safety

Featuring all aforementioned excellent attributes together with awesome risk-free money back Guarantee, our U-lock might be your ultimate option!

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100% satisfaction or your money back. If this rustproof Bicycle accessories isn’t every bit as fantastic as we say it is, simply return it to us within 30 days for a full refund.